Being the Leader – thanks Pastor Mullins

I always knew I listened to Radio 4’s Sunday Worship for a reason other than to sing along to familiar hymns from my past. As always I was half listening, my head full of ideas and reflections on the time spent in the week working with a group of senior NHS people, exploring with them the meaning of leadership in their context, and how to actually be the leader; when Pastor Barrington Mullins, from Brooks Bar New Testament Church of God, delivered his sermon. Suddenly I was listening, the sermon was all about leadership, and in particular what he called Spiritual Leadership!

He said….” It has to do with influence and example….all leaders are flawed and how people in the public eye act really does count.” He went on to identify the particular traits of those he called spiritual leaders…” not just dynamic power….it has the purpose of delivering service to others….a privilege and responsibility to benefit the lives of others….encouragement to the discouraged, support to those who are weak….to positively affect the lives of the people they encounter “ every day. In understanding these basic tenets, we can use them…. “as criteria to assess the integrity of all that we do.”

It struck me that as leaders, using the above thoughts as a means  to reflect on our own behaviours, attitudes and motives;  would be a good start to incorporating reflective practice on how we are leading!