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“The Worldly Leadership Foundation have been working for the past six months with the leadership team , comprising the Divisional Director, Associate Directors and General Managers; of the  Adults and Communities Division, of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust. The objective they were tasked with, was to provide a programme of personal development; team development, particularly cross division; and business development awareness.

The team have found their support and guidance invaluable, with the result that there has been more integrated working cross the Division; enhanced individual/team understanding of working together for the benefit of the business; and managers have visibly grown both personally and professionally within this period.

It has been a pleasure to work with Paul and his team, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Pat Hackett, Director, Adults & Community Division


Birmingham Community Health Care

“Leading change : Developing culture” programme

Designed to embed organisational leadership development at the centre of the  major change initiative which involved the merger of several small/medium NHS PCT’s into the largest community healthcare organisation in the country, culminating in achieving Foundation Trust status.

The program is focussed on taking the top 150 leaders through two days of discursive and reflective dissection of how they and their leadership behaviour impact on the organisations capacity to lead through an emotionally uncertain, complex and ever changing environment.

Day 1 – concentrates on developing the understanding of both the individuals, and the organisational response to change, and the context in which this is being undertaken. Individual and collective responsibility to “lead” change is explored, with an emphasis on collective behaviours such as role modelling and staff engagement.

Day 2 – focusses on the opportunity to co-create the leadership culture within the Trust, through the development of networks based on the sharing of a long term vision; working together to achieve a common goal; and effective communication.

Participants are challenged to create their own action plan centred on both the enhancement of behaviours, and the achievement of operational activity which will enable individual and organisational growth.

Following excellent feed back, and in response to demand, the team have developed the capability for the programme to be customised to meet the specific needs of a single division. Working with the Divisional Director and their senior management team to create, challenge, develop and support their strategic pathway to achieving both the organisational cultural change, and meeting the specific objectives they are tasked with.

To date we have worked with over 100 managers and subsequently two divisions and two corporate departments. It is envisaged that this will be rolled out across the whole organisation; whilst not forgetting the importance of continued support and constant reinforcement to ensure the initiative is fully embedded .

“I have engaged Paul on a number of occasions to facilitate a range of board development and executive leadership workshops. He has also been delivering a number of change management/culture workshops throughout the organisation which have evaluated very well. have always found Paul to be extremely knowledgeable and he puts a lot of effort and detail into the programme of delivery. Paul works towards an outcome that is client-centred and is able to ‘manage the politics in the room’ with great diplomacy. He is very reliable, with high integrity and I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone who is looking for someone to develop or tailor a leadership intervention or to facilitate any type of meeting.”

Joanne Thurston, Director of Compliance and Assurance

(via LinkedIn)

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