Participant feedback

Where appropriate we gather participant feedback following our programmes.

Here’s a selection of recent participant feedback from attendees on our leadership development programmes:

I felt the programme was excellent; it was realistic but also idealistic. It was delivered in a manner effective for higher level people, and it linked directly to organisational goals and objectives, which gave me relevance for my work. I felt the trainers were exceptionally well informed both about my organisation and about the topic. — Senior Manager, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

It was a privilege to know you, and to know your smooth and smart ways of helping people to reflect about their experiences and characteristics. Sometimes with all this busy world around us we have to believe that personal experiences deserve attention. — MENA & The Rule of Law

I actually wanted to write to you and the rest of the team to thank you for your time and efforts to make this fellowship programme worthwhile. It is a great pleasure meeting you and learning from someone like you. Yes a journey awaits each one of us; I believe we have already started it and a revision is requested to look deep into where we are and where we’re heading. The path we took and the commitments we undertook hold responsibility towards oneself and the whole community. It is the believe in our capabilities and strength as well as our role and value to take part towards development of our world and society is the motive to take action and be responsible. I can’t deny that the days we spent with you were productive and valuable. — MENA & The Rule of Law

The journey of “from Here to There” is certainly a very challenging one and requires a lot of reflection and soul searching. I am happy I got the opportunity to learn from you and to start the journey. — MENA & The Rule of Law

I have taken forward raised awareness of my own behaviour as a leader, but also my needs as a follower. — Senior Manager, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

I felt the people and the information were both really very high quality. It was a bit of a luxury to have such good trainers who were both very well informed and interested in us as individuals. It wasn’t so much what I learned that mattered, it was the perspective I gained and the confidence to use what I already know in a different way. — Senior Manager, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

On reflection I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of it and almost doubted the value of going on it, but by the end of Day2 I felt inspired and confident of where I wanted to be. — Senior Manager, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Paul has worked with Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust for the past six years. He has provided excellent support and expertise in facilitating a range of away days and workshops from board level down to individual team level. Paul is adaptable, flexible and is always well prepared. His knowledge at board level is wide ranging and he provides a high degree of insight to ensure those attending workshops facilitated by him get the most out of the event. — Tracy Taylor, Chief Executive, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

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