Role Modelling Leadership Behaviour

Sitting on the train reading the paper, my eye caught a small headline about the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and as my youngest son lives there, I couldn’t help but read it. Apparently he had been very derogatory about David Beckham, and the press were recording this as yet another gaffe by a very outspoken politician.

Alongside the article was a photograph of David Beckham, flanked by The Princess Royal and Lord Coe, as they went out to try and win the Olympic Games for Great Britain.

Beckham looked immaculate, beautifully groomed, smartly dressed, confident, and obviously at ease; a perfect role model for today’s young man.

Role modelling is an all too often forgotten leadership responsibility; to be the very picture of what you expect, both visually and in terms of attitude and behaviours;  not just for today, but for the future: if you cannot be an example, and portray that person, how can you expect others to!

Time devoted to role modelling, to visibly demonstrate the behaviours of a leader in your organisation, is time well spent.

So ask yourself; do you portray a smart, well groomed image; presenting a professional manner, behaving with honesty and integrity, listening to people, treating them with respect; knowing when to be the team player, but retaining the right distance.

Regardless of gender , we all could perhaps reflect on the image of Beckham, who throughout the summer was often to be seen on our screens; polite, smiling, confident, calm, diplomatic, in control; I would be very happy if my leaders portrayed themselves like that !

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