Board Development & Top Team Engagement

Board Development – working with the CEO and the Board of Directors to free their thinking.

Board Development & Top Team EngagementOur Board Development programmes aim to focus the mind and break free from the prescribed norms.

Stimulating, challenging, exciting, responsible, dynamic, stressful, empowering, privileged, powerful; all these and more emotions characterise what it is to be working at the top of an organisation.

Understanding how to fuse together the collective talent, intellect and wisdom creates a positive future, enables organisational growth, breeds success, creates the belief that anything is possible. Ideas are shared, responsibility is collective, visions are conceived, teams are inspired and motivated, goals are achieved and reputations are grown.

Our board development programmes help boards of directors, executives and senior managers to do this by enabling and facilitating them to explore the nature of their leadership, encouraging them to look at areas such as :

Leading the Organisation

Understanding the challenges of the leadership role; engaging inspiring and motivating others; the importance of cultural signals; role modelling; shared vision, values and goals; challenging the norm; the importance of language and communication

Developing a ‘team culture’

Working with the personalities around the table; celebrating the differences; building resilience, responsibility and accountability; creating the environment wherein people feel motivated and energised; where individuals are encouraged to challenge; and where there is an atmosphere of mutual support; releasing the collective talent

Understanding the ‘politics’

The challenges facing the team; the impact of external influences; the individual pressures; the organisational and leadership imperatives; facing the difficult decisions and their impact.

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